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The PowerPoint presentation from the 3 hour workshop is a very large file. I have broken it down into three segments, which are still each very large files. Downloading may take some time. Make sure you change the presentation to fit the needs of your audience.

The video files will not download in this format. The videos can be found on the link above, and they are stored on YouTube.com. Use software like Wondershare to download them into your computer and insert them into the presentation. You can always use your own relevant videos as well. Be creative, and don’t try to inspire cops and cadets by being “kind of” bold - be “bold!” Try something new and inspire them with your own innovative methods.

Stay safe and train well. ~Richard Neil

Part 1         Part 2         Part 3


Click on the image to the left to download the handouts from the workshop presentation.

Remember, your slides should not be detailed enough to be handouts. You are the main source of information for your audience - not your slide show.

These resources are from our 3 hour workshop. To  find out more about our 1& 2 Day Programs - Click 201 Logo

The Beast


You may have missed it during the workshop but I took you on a roller coaster ride. To find out why it was so effective read more about

“The Beast.”

We Value Your Feedback

Please send us an email to let us know what you would change, what you liked the most, what you gained, what you can use right away, and if you would recommend the training to others.

And please send me your review of the “Police Instructor” handbook when you have time to read through it. I would value your insights and comments, and I enjoy hearing how trainers have improved upon my tips and techniques. Let me know what you came up with and we will share it with other instructors through the website.       

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