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Click on the images below to download the PowerPoint file and Prezi presentation. Other training resources follow below.


Prezi Presentation File

Proud Member PPT Timers - 10 Minutes When I have a class that struggles with the concept of 10 minutes I use one of the 10 minute timers above to help them recall what it means. They are also great for timed learning activities.

30 Different Law Enforcement Backgrounds to Use with Your Slides

SmartArt charts, graphs, and bullet points

Slide Shows SmartArt Templates

These templates can help you get started using SmartArt, WordArt, and backgrounds. I have laid out several designs for you to use. Simply “copy” and “paste” the design you like into your presentation, or build onto one of these templates. Change the text or pictures to make it fit your topic or presentation theme.

Click on the image below to download the PowerPoint file and begin playing with the software to create engaging slide shows for your next audience. There is more about PPT setup on our Tutorial page.

SmartArt charts, graphs, and bullet points

SmartArt charts, graphs, and bullet points

Picture and Image Options

Wondershare Video Software

Wondershare is the software I use to create the Police Instructor 201 programs. It is an awesome resource for any educator or trainer. It allows you to download videos from YouTube and other sites directly to your computer so you can deliver dynamic presentations with relevant and engaging videos.

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Flickr has thousands of police photos for you to use for your next presentation. Best of all - it’s free.

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Richard & Gloria Neil

2014 ILEETA PowerPoint Presentation

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