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I played with your emotions - but for good reason. To take you for a ride on “The Beast.”

When you are natural and honest during your presentation, the audience will let down their guard and that is when you attack! Holster your Taser and stay with me while I explain.

A good presenter (especially a motivational speaker) will pull their audience in and get them to relax. Then, they suddenly grab them with a sobering story or statistic that hits hard – upsetting some and weighing on others.

Just as the crowd is about to yell at the speaker, they use humor or an inspirational tale that counteracts their mood. As the people begin to relax back in their seats, the presenter causes another conflict drawing them deeper into the talk. They want to jump up and speak their mind on the matter. They disagree!  

A good speaker will use this method repeatedly throughout a presentation and eventually end on a motivational high note.  Law enforcers are engaged by rapidly changing situations and will be compelled to interact when you use this technique.  

I nicknamed this method The Beast after my favorite wooden roller coaster at the Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio. The coaster is a rough and wild ride that causes each rider to question their decision to get on it.   That is the same feeling we are after when using The Beast to keep students engaged. They will always remember the experience and the material covered after a wild ride. Can you think of the different ways I took you for a ride during the workshop?

The Beast is extremely effective with the Type A extroverts we train every day. Our learners become fully invested in the presentation when they find a point of contention. If they take the time to disagree with you, they are not sleeping, bored, or texting their friends. They are learning and building confidence by discussing hard topics openly with the group. The Beast is even better when combined with a theme in your presentation.  Each of our previous examples could point back to the theme of “Dynamic Training.”  Your may not remember every tip or technique  I spoke about during the workshop, but you will remember many of them because of the retention gained by using this technique. The method will empower your audience to recall important information through an emotional encounter when they know they have gained value from the experience you provided them during the ride.

The Beast – When a police instructor takes their audience on an emotional roller coaster ride to create interest and encourage understanding. ~Richipedia

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