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LEO-Trainer is honored to donate the Police Instructor Sourcebook to the dedicated educators and trainers of ILEETA. My family has been blessed by the organization, and its members, and we would like to repay their generosity by donating the E-Book to any member who renews their annual membership before its expiration date.

Download the Police Instructor Sourcebook by clicking on the E-Book image to the right. Once the file is downloaded, it will prompt you to enter a password to access it. The password can be obtained from the ILEETA office once you have renewed your membership.

Usage Restrictions for the Sourcebook

While Police Instructor is already protected by copyright law, the Sourcebook edition comes with a few additional restrictions. Please honor them as you prepare worthy guardians to watch over our society:

If you have any questions about these restrictions, please contact me at

Stay safe and train well.

The Sourcebook is an abridged version of “Police Instructor: Deliver Dynamic Presentations, Create Engaging Slides, & Increase Active Learning.”

The full 264 page paperback edition is available from, or at the ILEETA members discount, by visiting

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