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Police Instructor 201 is delivered in a 2 or 3 day format. Your trainers will learn new methods to increase active learning, retention, and audience participation with any topic. The program’s information and materials could fill a traditional 5 day law enforcement course, but instead of spreading it out, we keep the program intensive and fast paced.

The course includes the advanced techniques, interactive exercises, and unique methods from Police Instructor, as well as other materials and activities that are not found in the handbook.

About the Instructor

Richard Neil served as a patrol officer, criminal investigator, field training officer, police instructor, crime scene investigator, and school resource officer before retiring from a distinguished career in law enforcement. He continues to instruct for several of Ohio’s criminal justice academies to continue researching new and innovative techniques to benefit law enforcement trainers around the globe.

Conference Workshop Options

We provide educators and trainers with a wide variety of new ideas and unique methods for training cops or cadets. Participants who attend the program will know they got their monies worth, and with Police Instructor in their hands, they will have new skills and resources to confidently prepare worthy guardians for our society.

Richard Neil is the author of “Police Instructor: Deliver Dynamic Presentations, Create Engaging Slides, & Increase Active Learning.” Richard wrote the book to stimulate ideas, stories, discussions, and positive action by police instructors – he is committed to the advancement of law enforcement training.

“I enjoyed the class a lot. Your presentation was excellent, it flowed from topic to topic well, was visually appealing, and you did a great job utilizing personal successes and failures to sell your points. I am always a bit leery of “people who teach people to teach”. I have found several that talk a good game but never actually played or people who are so “excited about teaching” that they attempt to get you excited as well through lots of activities. Your teaching style was very good for cynical cops and made us believers.”

~Brian Kanicki, Saginaw Township Police Department, Michigan