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Police Instructor 201: Engaging & Innovative Slide Design

Learn how to design slide show presentations that are visually relevant, compelling to learn from, and thrust your audience forward – inspiring them to act. Gain innovative tips, techniques, and strategies that are designed to avoid the monotony of endless bullet-points and drab slide shows. Find out how powerful slide design can have a permanent and lasting effect on learning and retention. Attendees will receive a variety of slide shows, and other resources, to help them take their next presentation to a higher level. From the creator of

Police Instructor 201: Dynamic Delivery for Every Topic

Create dynamic openings, deliver interesting content, and captivate your audience with engaging closings - regardless of the under-whelming topic you may have to teach. Learn how to focus on presentations that will inspire your audience to act – and teach lessons that can save lives. Strengthen participation and retention with the arsenal of new strategies and resources you will receive to enliven your next training session. From the creator of

We give conference participants their own web page to refer back to after the workshop, to have permanent access to all the techniques and resources they learned about, including the PowerPoint presentation and materials. As an example, you can see the web page we designed for the group from The Mock Prison Riot at

In order to deliver an effective workshop for a conference or training event, we will work together with you to tailor the content and format of our training programs to fit the specific needs of your organization. Please contact us with your particular needs.

Below are the descriptions of several workshops we offer to non-profit law enforcement and criminal justice organizations who want to offer quality training to their members at annual conferences.

Every student leaves with an arsenal of new tools that breathe life into any topic, engage unruly students, and increase knowledge & retention.

We place the PowerPoint presentation, handouts, videos, and other materials, from the class or workshop, on the website so the attendees always have complete access to the resources they need to enhance their craft as law enforcement instructors.

Mock Prison Riot

Mock Prison Riot

This was only a 3 Hour workshop, but our attendees can still receive the PPT presentation, other materials used during the program, and a follow-up lesson at

Mock Prison Riot

Check it out.

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The Cost of Workshops

Workshops normally carry the same cost as our 1 day Police Instructor 201 program - $1,200. However, we understand that funds are limited for non-profits, and when possible, we are happy to help with advanced and innovative training with minimal expense to the organization. We are sometimes able to provide training in exchange for a free table in the host organization’s exhibition area to sell the Police Instructor handbook, along with free lodging. The book sales can help to offset our other travel and training expenses, and allow us to offer our workshops for little cost.

2 Day Police Instructor Program

Police Instructor 201: Increasing Audience Participation & Active Learning

Transform any course into a high impact learner-centered program that creates “aha moments." Gain innovative active-learning techniques that will increase audience participation and engagement. Brain scientists and researchers have found several keys to understand how we learn best. We combined their research with the experiential activities and exercises participants will receive during this workshop. These unique methods will engage your audience - regardless of the topic, and strengthen their retention of the knowledge you present.  From the creator of

Police Instructor 201: Dynamic Speech Delivery - Inspire People to Act

Create dynamic openings, powerful transitions, and captivating closings to engage your audience - regardless of the under-whelming topic. Learn how to focus on your experiences and deliver compelling stories that will inspire your audience to act - while teaching lessons that can save lives. Understand how to create memorable lessons and increase retention. Participants will receive an arsenal of new tips and techniques to enliven their next public speaking engagement.