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“Thank you for writing the book and sharing these excellent ideas with us. To whom much is given much is expected. Now I have no excuses. I have to get to work at being a better teacher.” ~Sgt. Paul Clark II, Training Coordinator, Ohio County Correctional Center

“This short course is tremendously helpful to me as a 25 year LE/Corrections trainer. I have been looking for ways to make my courseware more interactive/multimedia inclusive. This course has provided me with some of those tools that I will be using for future programs. Thanks for sharing with me and the LE/Corrections Community.” ~Carlos A. Hernandez, Administrator - Office of Security/Emergency Management, Commonwealth of Virginia

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Mock Prison Riot

This was only a 3 Hour workshop, but our attendees can still receive the PPT presentation, other materials used during the program, and a follow-up lesson at